October 14, 2012

Cafe St Pierre, Canterbury

Living in the village is lovely indeed but sometimes you've just got to get into the city to wash away those countryside cobwebs. Today was no exception after a long, hard night with a monstrous migraine. I knew I had to get out and about, if only for a little while and so I trotted into town and did a spot of shopping for dinner. Being a little on the tender side, restoration was needed after such Sunday supermarket strain and so I headed for a place I knew best to serve me a little cup of something delicious.
This place is often foolishly overlooked by many as it sits at the lower end of the High Street but if you want to avoid major chains, this is the perfect independent gem and brims with delicious French pastries and smiling staff. As it was a late Sunday afternoon, I failed to secure a snap of their display as most of it was sold out. Just a few tarts and cakes left... And so I settled down for my afternoon delight instead and listened to two pretty girls talking in Spanish to each other and the sounds of French chatter from the kitchen. A touch of Bohemia and a great, cosy meeting place with sunlight splashing on the walls.
I ordered my usual. A small hot chocolate. It is the best in town by far, hands on heart. No frills, no fuss just a really good quality cup of deliciousness and at the bargain price of £1.90. 
If you're hungry, which I unfortunately was not, they also do a really mean croque monsieur! 
I had wanted to sit in the garden because it's a lovely little pocket of peace but alas, it was too chilly for me but these chaps were happy to brave it!
If you ever find yourself in the city and fancy a spot of afternoon delight, head to Cafe St Pierre. I promise you won't regret it. Even the gingerbread men here are happy!
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