November 15, 2012

I Like to Swing

Things have been a little quiet over here at the Cafe Cat. I was doing that whole 'beating myself up' internally malarkey and it didn't make for the most productive of cats.  If you're a girl, you know why and when this kind of behaviour often occurs and how frustrating it is to pick apart your thoughts, usually quite destructively, to the detriment of all the good things you do.
It took my dear friend to say 'erm, you've only been back in the UK for something like two months you maniac and you've been through quite a few dramatic changes!' And it was exactly two months yesterday. Two months is nothing really but when you've spent a lot of your twenties in a kind of 'limbo', you just want to get the hell on with it. So I guess that was what I was feeling. I want things to happen. I'm impatient for them. But things just won't grow if you don't bless them with your patience (thanks First Aid Kit) and you can't very well sit around watching the clock, can you?

And so what do I do at times like these when all is out my hands? You should know by now if you read this blog. Grab Bruce and a stray housemate and head to the woods, of course, where we can all stomp and pound our sh*t out into the hills and generally get high on nature.
And what better way to get off your face than on a swing that's just hanging in the middle of the trees begging you to saddle up?
Don't forget to take it in turns
And swing! Swing until your face is cold and you've hit the tree so many times you hope you've bashed all of those rubbish thoughts out of you!

Even Bruce had a go, and he's one messed up greyhound. Aren't you, Bruciepops?

When life is going too slow- find amazing ways to fill the time. Don't just sit there!
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