April 30, 2013

A Cat's Life #7

This seventh edition of A Cat's Life comes to you with a pinch of hope, a dash of optimism and a whole glorious bunch of pretty pictures. 
I got up close and personal with Pumpkin Pie at the farm, took trains and buses here, there and everywhere, made some new friends and spent time with long-standing beauties. I hung out with the twin face at the London Coffee Festival, went to the seaside with Jess and ate cupcakes for dinner and for breakfast. Let's just say it was a bloomin' marvellous week. 

Speaking of blooming, isn't Canterbury looking lovely?
Canterbury in Bloom

Canterbury in Bloom
Pumpkin Pie certainly seems to think so. We've been talking all week about how much we like butter and cheese and sharing little squares of brie in the sunshine.
In fact, the lovely weather has meant long walks up in the forest and a spot of writing by the dwindling light of the afternoon.
It also meant cupcake adventures with my pal Jess. We ambled over to Whitstable to meet Sarah from What's Up Cupcake
Hi Sarah!
You can read The City Kitty's interview with her here.
We lounged in the Dolphin beer garden in the eve and tucked right in to our treats.
The London Coffee Festival was a real treat, with lots of freebies from some of my favourite traders like Clipper and Green and Black's Chocolate.
London Coffee Festival

London Coffee Festival
The Propercorn guy was a talented salesman and had me skipping off with a lorry load of treats. I recommend the sour cream and chive. It's incredible.
London Coffee Festival
Spending time with the twin was nice, despite a mini ruckus over an octopus curry.
Siblings, hey? I sorted him out quick sharp with a caffeine-hit, always sure to diffuse tensions.
In no time we were pals again.
After Friday, I returned home to find Buddy bringing sexy back all by himself.
And caught up with friends over a fine dinner at Cafe Des Amis...
...and enjoyed a Catalan bean and potato stew cooked by my very own hands. Oh how I miss having dinner parties like in the old days at C/ Joaquin Costa!
So that's it, folks. Another week in a cat's life... I'm looking forward to the summer and hopefully setting down some roots somewhere. I've been fantasising about interiors and my own little place. However, just a room for now would be a good start!

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