April 17, 2013

Charity Shops Finds #2

Well hello there. 

I'm back with a few more charity shop finds to share with you. I'm not exactly rich at the moment, as you all know, but I've still managed to find some sweet treats at tasty prices over the last few weeks. 

Up first is this pretty silk scarf from the RSPCA shop in Canterbury. I've always loved turquoise and I think it's a perfect wear now the sun in shining but the breeze is still swirling around. My dear Grandma was fond of a good scarf too. She was crazy about keeping her neck warm.
 Speaking of the sunshine, look at this beautiful monstrosity. Love it or hate it (I couldn't decide) but the leather is so buttery soft and delicious and I can totally imagine it as a statement piece in a simple, soft room. It just needs stuffing so it's all pouffy... These bad boys go for a real fortune on eBay. Perhaps I'll keep it? Perhaps I'll sell it? Perhaps you want it? 
And if, perchance, you were after this pretty little bag, it can be found on my Etsy shop here.
Soon to be followed by this leafy brooch.
 These Kew boots (size 7) were a steal and just in the nick of time as all of my others have worn out. To be honest though, they're a little small for my tootsies and not exactly tip-top for walking the miles to the station. Would you like them? I'll cut you a real good deal, darling.
However, I don't care if you like this shirt. It's mine! 
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