September 13, 2013

Blogger Spotlight- The Tea Drinking English Rose

In the blogosphere, there are so many people to discover popping up with their thoughts across different platforms. Some have been doing so for years, some bring their fresh slice of pie. 
I've been blogging on and off for four years and along that way, I've had the benefit of meeting many a gorgeous person- that's the delight of blogging, it's a platform for kindred spirits. 

The Tea Drinking English Rose is a young lady who I have followed for a long while. While bloggers have come and gone, she has remained in her little corner of the internet, scribbling away about the pleasures in her life, which mostly feature tea, ice cream and pastel colours. 
The best blogs I feel, often focus in on the small treasures of the every day and Charlotte is very true to this. She never compromises her blogger integrity and reading her articles is very much like reading the musings of a friend, as if she were your trusted childhood pal. She kindly shares her thoughts and dreams in a candy-floss fashion but is always honest about what's on her mind, also lending a diary-like and endearing quality to her entries.
Whimsical, quaint and genuinely sweet as sugar, Charlotte is one of few blogs I read on a regular basis and I've come to think of her as an old pal, even though we've never met- the best kind of bloggers can do this, like mini novelists of the online world that you just want to read more about. 

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