November 18, 2013

GIVEAWAY The Lonely, Paul Gallico

Paul Gallico has long been a firm favourite author of mine. His gentle way with words quite accurately captures human emotions and while his endings are often of a jovial nature, he knows how to break your heart into devastating pieces if he needs to. His writing is innocent yet wise and rich with truth.

I found 'The Lonely' in a Canterbury charity shop on one of the very few sunny days we have had this autumn. The dark red cover seduced me with its plain blue font and seeing as it was a Gallico, I didn't even think twice as I handed over my coins and nestled it into my bag with a smile of anticipation on my face.

As I caught the train back to London the following day, chugging through a grey and disgruntled Kentish countryside, I pulled it out, gave the old, dusty pages a sniff because I love the smell of a craggy book and devoured the short love story with delight. 

Not only are the characters in this story of romance utterly endearing but are completely warming of the senses in the sweetest way. Set in World War Two, Gallico tells the tale of two young soldiers who take leave for adventures in the rugged Scottish landscape. Jerry, an American who is engaged to be married to his childhood sweetheart is wholly naive in his invitation to Patches, a quiet young mouse of a girl who comes on the trip with her huge heart and earnest feelings for him.
What ensues is a narrative that speaks both of true love and of obligation- what is right and wrong by others and ultimately, to ourselves. 

As with most of my books, despite a secret longing to keep them, I can't help but pass them on- wanting other people to enjoy them to.

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