December 29, 2013

A Weekend Walk #2

It has been a lazy Sunday here in Highbury.

 I made a hearty brunch of poached eggs on toast with guacamole, sweet tomato relish and mimosas and shared it with my old pal, Ben. 

We then put our best foot forward and trotted off into the day. We paused for coffee, got lost en route to Newington Green Veg Shop and then suckled on sweet nectarines before saying our goodbyes.  

Off I wandered, stopping for a little tea at La Fromagerie in Highbury Barn where I furiously took notes on my blogging plans for 2014 - but that's a whole other story.

Do join me on my Sunday stroll...
Mountgrove Road Bike Shop Front

Mountgrove Road Cafe

Highbury Barn

Islington Cafe

Vegetable Shop Highbury
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