March 17, 2014

Brown's Coffeehouse, Canterbury

Canterbury is a city of sorts and of curiosity. The young, the old and the somewhere in between, interweave with each other- some permanent fixtures, others a fleeting presence and the rest just trying to establish themselves in a city that doesn't always have economic prominence on its side but a beauty that is captivating and difficult to evade.

For me, Canterbury is a master storyteller and a source of inspiration.

When I am wandering the streets, I always pay a visit to Brown's Coffeehouse to gather my thoughts and take a while to jot them down.

Often I'll take a coffee on the little steps by the riverside or wander a way into the Greyfriar's garden but just inside the door is a warm and friendly welcome should it be pitter-pattering, and you'll be greeted by quiet faces bent over books or leaning towards each other in creative conspiracy.
 If you're looking for a hub of interesting characters, conversations and good coffee, Brown's is perfectly located for just that. Tucked away from the tourist trail, you could be forgiven for failing to know that it's there but once you do, it's hard to forget.

Comfy chesterfields, an abundance of natural light and leafy green touches make it a wonderful place to integrate or isolate- it's a freelancer's dream if, like me, you like to work alone but with some semblance of control over pleasant distractions such as a little cake, an overheard conversation or an unexpected face.

What's more, the coffee is really, really good and in a city with countless chain cafes, it's a welcome burst of independent character- a genuine establishment.

 It's certainly one of my favourite place to be indoors in Canterbury- where's yours?

Pictures two, four and five sourced from Alaric King
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