June 02, 2014

Holloway Arts Festival 2014: Hornsey Street

Print Makers- Find Heaven in N7What better way to introduce you to my new postcode than with pictures from the opening day of the Holloway Arts Festival? While I've worked in N7 for a year now, you'll also be aware from recent posts that I'm living just a stone's throw away from the 4Ps Marketing office

I hold the power of community in high regard and so as well as encouraging 4Ps to sponsor the festival, I have been a busy bee working closely with Rowan Arts, the local arts charity, on some of their amazing projects.

Below you'll find images I took from the Hornsey Street Party. Should you be from N7 or in the area this week, be sure to stay tuned for more images or do come along and join in the fun yourself!
A Bunch of Brumbys
Cardboard Sumo on the Green
Counselling Lady
Holloway Drawing Club
Figs in Wigs
Hot Bystander
Hunt and Darton Cafe
Headress Making
The Studios Islington
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