September 20, 2016

The Larder #3 | Celia's Saucer

It's been a while since the last instalment of this series - just a casual year and a half - but I like it for documenting things I've enjoyed trying out, so here it is: resurrected. 

Above, you'll find Simply Ice Cream's award -winning coffee number. It's pretty much akin to eating a tub of frozen double cream with espresso tucked through it and I can't really see anything wrong with that. They're a Kentish-based company that just don't seem to stop getting rave reviews and it's no wonder really when they have flavours like 'brown bread' which is, simply, really rather delicious.

 I'm working my way through a selection of six, so stay tuned to my Instagram for verdicts or just do yourself a favour (because I know you're wondering about that brown bread flavour) and head straight to their website

Tea is kind of a big deal for me (some hot news to come on this subject in the coming weeks) but I've never been a fan of matcha, not alone because it's so damn expensive but also because the taste is quite overpowering. I've learnt in the past, however, that it often take a few attempts before really coming to appreciate a difficult taste, so I've not dismissed it yet. 

Teapigs do a reasonably priced number if you're a fan (it's still £20, mind) and want to save some pennies, or if you want to try it for the first time. 

I rediscovered this picture while filing through old documents and remembered just how blown away I was by the taste of these caramels. They might sound a little odd but they are truly delicious, which is probably why they have a Great Taste award. What's as encouraging as it is dangerous to know, is that they deliver directly from their website. While their range isn't the cheapest, it's certainly one of the best I know in terms of packaging, branding, and thoughtfulness. Well worth stocking up on for gifts (or just for you), or just throwing caution to the wind and buying a year's subscription. They do that too, you know. 

A widely misunderstood tea, I love the way the tight, dry buds of oolong tea unfurl into blooming branches in the pot, imparting their sweet and slightly milky flavour and really giving you an experience to enjoy - I like to sit in bed very early in the morning and gaze at the pot and the huffs of steam as they unravel. 

Pictured above is JING Tea's Li Shan, which is grown on one of the tallest mountains in Taiwan. Their website is really useful for finding out more about different types of tea and, if like me you struggle with the effects of coffee and hate the British brew, I consider them the best for tea from beginner to connoisseur. Oolong is somewhat between a green and a black tea and the breadth of choice is remarkable, meaning it's a really wonderful drink to explore. 

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