March 20, 2019

The Kentish Larder #1

Welcome to the Kentish Larder - a new series that focuses on the small artisans of the Kent county and the incredible foods they produce as well as comforting, home cooked dishes inspired by the season and thrown together in my kitchen, in Chartham. I hope to eventually host small, intimate gatherings here in the eaves of my wonky old flat but, in the meantime, let's review the things I've discovered in my first weeks of being here. 

Whitstable Honey Cake 

This honey, from bees that forage across the coast of Whitstable, Tankerton, and the University of Kent, was wonderful in a heavy, sticky sponge cake with a distinctive caramel, almost salty, flavour. Lovely with a cup of tea when fresh and also good with a soft, stinky cheese instead of a cheese board. This honey can be picked up at Whitstable Improvement Trust’s shop in Harbour Street, Whitstable, tel: 01227 770060.

Chartham Baked Eggs , £1 for 6 eggs

Running alongside the railway track, just opposite the station, there's a small farm that offers chicken eggs, goose and duck eggs for an absolute steal of a price. Say hello to the birds yourself as they pluck around your feet and part ways with small change for these rich, creamy eggs with beautifully sunny yolks. I used up the leftovers of a wild mushroom, spinach and tomato stew, straining it so it was quite thick, before topping it with a Chartham egg and baking it in the oven at 180-degrees for ten minutes. If you're passing through, why not jump off the train, pick up some eggs and grab a swift half at the Artichoke Inn before the next train?

Brogdale Butcher's Smoked Sea Salt & Thyme Pork Scratchings

Who knew scratchings were so easy to make? Simply slip the fat off slices of pork belly and cut them into thin strips. Pop in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees with seasoning of your choice for 30 minutes. When cool, store in clean, dry jam jars and pop in your handbag for sustenance on those long country walks. 

Seasonal Inspiration from The Goods Shed, Canterbury 

Pan Fried Pigeon Breast; Celeriac Remoulade; Pear, Red Onion and Spinach 

Brown sugar pavlova with stewed rhubarb and rose water, with lemon zest and cream

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