April 26, 2010

El Obrador Cafe Pamplona

Another cafe, another city...Introducing El Obrador in Pamplona.
Now, I spend a lot of time in Pamplona alone, wandering from place to place and El Obrador is the perfect spot for a little lonely coffee sipping. It's bright and airy with lots of detail like these scrawlings...
Or these old coffee grinders.

A neat and tidy array of delicious Spanish treats will tempt you to buy something to take home to your loved ones, no doubt. The Spanish are forever buying little cakes as gifts. It's more or less the law, or something.
The atmosphere here is relaxed so why not read a book? There's plenty to choose from.
Oh and look! A handsome fan of The Cafe Cat, how sweet of him to say so.
I like the tasty little bolleria con crema. Light, sweet and custardy creamy.
What I like most about the place is the airy atmosphere. When I want to do a little writing, I can tuck myself up in the corner and scribble away and there are few distractions. Except the coffee, of course.

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