I passionately believe in the serendipitous power of relationships within the workplace and how they can dissolve silos and help to distribute knowledge, as well as tangibly improve efficiency and inspire a sense of cohesive autonomy within teams. I have championed company values, internal communications and training programmes in each role to nourish a collaborative company culture, discovering that food acts as a great catalyst for conversation and change even in the most corporate of environments. In short, I usually come with cake or sometimes a cheese board, although it really depends.

With well over six years’ experience in the marketing industry, I have worked with a number of fantastically rich, story-motivated brands to create fully integrated marketing strategies that are driven by search, sales data and insight, and business objectives. Establishing effective content management systems has been crucial in allowing branded content to flow through every channel – on and offline – within which I have also been at the forefront of delivering.

My core experience sits within the food and drink category - specifically tea, coffee, wine and chocolate - with earlier work in lifestyle, arts and culture. I spent my graduate years in hospitality and in education, providing support to students with learning difficulties, as well as teaching English as a foreign language in Spain. I believe that all of the above experiences have contributed to solid and diverse communication skills that are capable of captivating a wide audience.

In my spare time, I contribute to publications and causes that I care about – examples of this include writing articles for London’s leading food sustainability magazine ‘Jellied Eel’ and working alongside the Islington Chamber of Commerce to nurture local SMEs. I love to read, walk and cook for friends and have an avid interest in nature and poetry.

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