August 04, 2012

The Labyrinth at Horta, Barcelona

Sometimes the city is too much to bear. Too many people, towering buildings and filth. It is overwhelming and a good idea to GET OUT, simply just to see something green and be cleansed and reminded that nature exists.
And so escape we did, my pal Beth and I. We took the green line from Liceu all the way up to Mundet. As we walked out of the metro we were confronted by open space and big skies. We weren't exactly sure where the Labyrinth was, but a kind gentleman saw us and, guessing we were on an adventure, pointed us in the right direction.
We trotted off down the road and there it was. We paid something like 2.33€ each (random!) and entered.
The air was fresh and there was green-a-plenty! We explored the Labyrinth, trying to avoid strangling pesky children on holiday that were throwing 'bolas' at our heads, and got a little lost on the way. At the centre of the Labyinth was a statue of Eros: the Greek God of love. We said hello to him as we had said hello to Ariadne and Theseus on the way in- they stand in the entrance of the Labyrinth and we remembered our manners, although they seemed a little distracted over the exchange of a ball of string.
Eventually finding our way out, we explored the rest of the park. We meandered the path next to the 'romantic canal' and into the 'romantic gardens'.
The park, once owned by the Desvalls family, is the oldest of its kind in Barcelona- dating back to the late 1700s.
If you are ever in Barcelona for an extended stay, it is certainly worth a little visit on a sunny day (when does the sun not shine in Barcelona?)...
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