September 01, 2012

Barcelona Flea Finds #11

Hola chicos!

I went down to the market today, didn't I? Picked me up a couple of sexy bargains... Not quite sure how I'm going to get the coat back in my suitcase as it weighs a ton but it had to be bought. Some guy was fingering it for ages... holding it up to the light, checking for wear and tear and generally staring at it with his head cocked while he made up his mind. Watching him from the corner of my eye, I pretended to look at some old granny's bloomers but the second he dropped it, I pounced like a gazelle. MINE! For a mere two euros... sweet, sweet times.
Please excuse my pale, glassy stare... I'm not feeling v. well today. Boo hoo.

I also managed to find a great little tin to add to my 'special woman' themed collection... The vag bit had me totally sold...
The yellow centre complements the tampon tin of yesteryear nicely.
And that's it, people! I now must go and try to sleep off whatever has crawled into my skull and died there...

Have an ace weekend and come visit soon, xxx

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