September 13, 2012

Head And Heart Apart, Part One

Uf! What a 24 hours I have had, let me tell you. I'm only really starting to feel the effects of it all now but attempting to fight it off with yummy food, little naps and cat playtimes with Marley and Bubba.
Yesterday I packed my bags and moved away from the city centre of Barcelona to the micropocket of Cove, Hampshire. Lugging the majority of my belongings from one to the other and, in the meantime, getting into a ruckus with a scallywag taxi driver. I also left behind a lovely group of friends that I worked very hard to build-up, potential projects that will just have to go on the back burner and my very beautiful loved one- not knowing how or when I see him again and wishing him well on his trip..
On the plane I felt like someone had beaten me around the head and decided to go to sleep so I wouldn't embarrass myself from crying the whole way home. I landed in England around 6pm and the first thing I noticed was how much darker it was and that the sky seemed so much lower, like a roof or a ceiling. In Barcelona, there is hardly a cloud to speak of and so you can see right up into the heavens. Don't get me wrong, I love England just as much as Spain, but I have been away so long it is almost like reverse culture shock in my native country. Every face I have seen since landing, I think I recognise and hearing English all around me has totally thrown me off guard. It's like the unfamiliar familiar.

It was delightful to get off the train at Guildford yesterday and be pounced upon by some of my oldest friends who had worked their way behind the barriers to blow party poppers in my face and wave a banner with English flags. We went off for dinner and talked about their pregnancies, engagements and shacking up with their partners. I arrived home quite late to be greeted by my mother and a bed with a duvet and a blanket on it. I haven't seen a duvet in months! After a little unpacking and chats, I crawled under the covers and went to sleep.

In spirits today, I feel quite well and have been working all morning on some sales copy for Secret Escapes, which I always enjoy and eating all of my favourite things like smoked salmon (and sharing a little with Bubba but don't tell my mum). However, my body has taken an epic beating. I have gone from sweating my tits off in humid 32 degree Barcelona to wearing a jumper, jeans and a hat in 15 degree England. I also moved a hell of a lot of heavy things yesterday and my shoulders and neck are very sore indeed. I know I sound like a moaning Minnie but my body really doesn't match up to my head sometimes. It doesn't tolerate big weather changes and strain very well, much to my dismay because I would really love to bound around all the time.

I'm giving myself 24 hours to get all my sales copy done, catch up with the family and play with my new iphone... I expect to be back and with you, with lots of pictures and stories to tell very shortly, but in the meantime please scroll back through old stories while I get my act together and catch up on some sleep.

I haven't gone anywhere... I'm just remodelling!
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