September 20, 2012

Three Things I Love #3

1. Old family photos of our party of three. There's Smeg. There's Boy. There's Pie. I'm Smeg but these names change on an astonishing basis except for Boy, who should probably just have his passport changed.

As children we were pretty rambunctious. We caused trouble wherever we went. We terrorised old ladies, we were boisterous and we certainly didn't come with volume control. We just did as we pleased.
My mother and grandmother had got to the point where a pina colada and a blind eye was the only way to get through the day but my father would often say in his sternest voice when we ventured out of the house 'Now guys, you have TEN points... let's see if you can keep them but if you lose them...'. 
We would often plummet down to about two, where the threat of punishment lingered but then we would work our way right back up to ten like golden angels. We weren't horrible children by any means. We just liked to play and have fun and no one was going to stop us. It's just a shame that people got in the way. We all grew up to be great though, right? Right?!

2. My new facebook page and shop stock over on Etsy (see widget to the right). THAT'S CORRECT. Being a bungalow prisoner for the last week with only Bubba the cat for company has meant lots of time to work on marketing and creating pretty things... Expect only more and more as I make my way over to Kent and pick up more treats for you...
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3. Well this is an obvious choice, hey? BUBBA. We have built up a lovely little companionship this week and I wonder if my leaving tomorrow will break his little heart. He's getting very old you see and he just wants to be loved and cuddled. I think he's one of the nicest, sweetest cats I have ever known. He used to live a few doors down from us but one day decided to leave his family and move in with us. He chose us and we feel very privileged to have him. He likes to help:
And he likes playing with sticks:
But more than anything he likes to just sit and watch you with his big, owl eyes and look deep into yours as if he is saying 'I loves you, I do. I really, really do'.
Like this:
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