October 22, 2012

Monday Memories: Remembering Barcelona, El Xiringuito Escriba

Remember when I went here?

Well, we went there a few times again and it was just as wonderful as the first time. If you're looking for a xiringuito in Barcelona then this, I personally think, is one of the best. A little further down the beach (conveniently located near a big Bicing station) and with a fantastic selection of dishes. If you're after seafood galore and a properly cooked paella then Xiringuito Escriba is the place to go.

Here are some pictures of the food we have enjoyed there.
Above you can see dishes including typical calamares, sweet prawns from Tarragona, a Catalan cheese and anchovy salad and an onion salad with tuna. And those little ones? Those are camarones... super cute nibbles.
And here are some pictures from the first time we went, just because food is always great to look at!
Check out that airbag! Smothered in very fine jamon Iberico.... Super fun to stab at with your fork and watch as the crisp bread crumbles.

I don't know about you but I'm flipping hungry now... LATERS!

To find out more about Escriba, who also make fantastic chocolate and pastries, go here.

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