October 19, 2012

My Week in Pictures #1

Hi all,

Did you have a good week? Mine has most certainly been interesting indeed but still very busy working at the pub, which will finally cut back next week so I can concentrate on exciting new projects for some flipping coooool companies and making this here blog a tad more titilating.

This week has been a little rollercoaster with work opportunities, twists and turns in the current stories of my life and it's all a touch difficult to put into words. So shall we just put it into pictures? And ignore the nitty gritty? Yes you say? Oh go on then...
Are you ready for Halloween?
Wooooooooo! Spooky ghosties: a clue to my new project
Enjoying walks and red things (it fell off the tree... honest!)
Hanging with the motley crew
Presents from handsome boys
Cheese shopping in Whitstable
And jazzy shop windows
A cream tea for one

And finally...
Kittens with big dreams. 

How has your week been?
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