October 14, 2012

The Cafe Cat Etsy 10% Off!

Hello! Me again!

So as most of you know... I have recently given my Etsy shop a makeover. I am no longer SallyCatBarcelona but now simply The Cafe Cat. In my shop I am selling pretty little frames that I pick up from my travels and inside them I put the pages of 1960s storybooks. I also sell other bits and pieces.. it just depends on what I find.

Humbert the owl is my latest addition!

In light of the makeover, I am offering 10% off in the shop until Friday. Just enter thecafecat10 at checkout. You can find the widget to the top right hand side of this page or click here.

Oh and if you have the time, please come on over and like my Facebook page (also new) at www.facebook.com/thecafecatblog

Thanks and hope you're all having a snuggly Sunday, xxx
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