October 28, 2012

The Goods Shed, Canterbury Kent

Have you ever been to the Goods Shed in Canterbury? It's slightly out of the way but what a treat! Filled to the brim with yummy sights and smells and much delicious local fare.
Just next to the Canterbury West rail station, it's a great place to pick up your groceries (albeit expensive) or to stop off for a spot of dinner. The building itself is industrial, with large windows drawing natural light all the way through, bouncing off the suspended onions and garlic and steel frames.
I like to swing by on a Sunday or if I get to the station early and it's always bustling with bodies inside and plenty to cast your eyes over. The colours are glorious!
There is much to choose from including cheese, wines, honey and beers- all from the Kentish area or selected from very fine places.
So next time you're in town, with a little time to spare... why not stop by the Goods Shed and find out what Kent has to offer you?

I like to wander back into the city via the backstreets where the river park runs up to the rear of the Dominican Priory and the new Marlowe Theatre.
I don't know about you, but the sound of rushing water always has the ability to soothe me and make me feel at peace.

A lovely Sunday indeed!
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