October 17, 2012

The thoughts of mid-week

Greetings from the Cafe Cat Headquarters (i.e. my bed),

As it is mid-week I would normally update you with a three things I love entry. However, the month of October takes up all three of those positions and so shall come as an entirely separate post. I basically wish it was October ALL the livelong time but that's another story.

I was on a long train journey back from London last night and was jotting notes in my lovely notebook about my midweek thoughts and decided to share them with you instead.
(Purchased from La Central, Barcelona if you're interested)
Whenever I have the chance to pop up to London, I always try to catch as many people as possible. Be it very closed loved ones or friends at random. They'll just get a text saying 'I'm in London. Where are you?' and it goes from there. Most reliable souls include my darling pal Holly, my comrade and partner in deep thought Raymond and my dear twinny twin face.
I had to pop up yesterday for a lunch date with the Secret Escapes lot and so with a couple of hours to spare in the morning I met up with the twin and we went to a very cute little pub in Clerkenwell that I like. It's tucked away around a corner, to the side of a church. Do you know it?
He had a coca cola and I had a ginger beer. We caught up on life with lots of chitter chatter and giggles. I fecking love our Gurteen family and watching how we all grow up and evolve. We have our fair share of eccentricities between us but what towers over and above it all is how much we all care about each other. And my lovely Jonny is no exception. He really is a wonderful boy with such a good, kind heart and sitting with him makes me feel at home, no matter where we are.

On seeing the first love again
While we're on the subject of kind chaps, I also had a quick bevvie with my first love last night, which was just lovely.
Still the same face. So familiar and with that same history that was once so painful for me but so much has now passed and changed to a depth and intimacy that we shall never share again. Sad but very, very sweet and so proud of him and his individual ways. He's a bit of a colourful character these days, strutting around with a cane, a feathered hat and a long patterned coat but such a good heart and cheeky smile. There's nothing more I hate than losing touch with people I care about and I am glad we have mended our friendship.

Saying no (and yes!)
So being back in the UK, my plans to write, write and write have gone askew and for that I apologise. I quit my job in Barcelona and moved back here to fully throw myself into building up a little world around me that would lead to what I really want to do in life and carve a path that leads to passion and happy things. However, money and a sense of duty stepped in and swept me off that path for a while and now it has got to the point where I have had to hold my hands up again and say "NO F*CKING MORE, THANKS" and so as of next week, I have refused to do any more pub work and live very, very simply by the means of freelance and my Etsy shop until I reach my goals and objectives.

I beg of you if you find yourself swept up in a job you dislike and yearn to change, don't just sit there. Not having much money is hard but don't let that drag you down a path of misery. Do what YOU want to do, work at it bit by bit and I promise you'll be happier for it. It might mean you don't have all the latest, most fashionable gadgets but they're just material, after all.  If you're nodding your head right now and want someone to talk to about it (cuz it can be quite scary) email me! I'm always up for a chat. But make sure you put something relevant in the subject line like 'HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!'. My junk mail usually just gets emptied without so much as a backwards glance.

And after my lunch meeting yesterday, it seems I will be much busier with things that I do want to be doing for a delightful duo from the Secret Escapes editorial team. But for now, that's a secret.

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for magic workings that I will hopefully be involved with after another meeting tomorrow with Madame Oiseau. A clue lies beneath...

Little Bear asked me to leave you with this final thought:
...and away from the Cafe Cat's massive bras....

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