October 02, 2012

The Veg Box Cafe, Canterbury

Oh readers! If you knew the daily struggle I face for a good coffee over here in the UK then you'd all clutch your hats to your breast and regard me with sympathetic eyes. I had a lucky three months with stone's throw access to Satan's Coffee Corner with his excellent coffee and downright sexy service.
 It has been a long battle and there has even been tears after about the seventh time someone handed me a bucket of latte after I specifically said at least three times that I wanted an espresso with a splash of milk. Oooh the turmoil. Oh the agony!

This morning I had a couple of hours to kill in the city of Canterbury and rather than go to Costa where the barista told was I was 'sooooo American' for ordering a cortado (even though it's Spanish) I realised I had time for a real caffeine treat rather than a desperate caffeine dash.
Casting my mind back, I remembered that the Veg Box Cafe, tucked away on Jewry Lane above the Wholefoods shop, is always lovely and peaceful very first thing in the morning. And so I put my best foot forward and marched along the rainy streets with only one intention.
It's such a lovely and bright spot with big couches and jazzy art. If you're a vegetarian, this place is absolutely fabulous for lunch. It's such a shame that they don't do breakfast anymore but I have news for you- they are now open in the evenings on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I will certainly be visiting for a glass of wine and to watch the sun set through the big windows.
Comfy Sofas at Canterbury's Best Veggie Cafe
 Anyway, back to the coffee... Well, it wasn't on the menu but I had a little chat with Mez, the friendly waitress, and she fixed me the ultimate cortado. The perfect combination of rich, thick espresso and a short splash of hot milk. All served in a darling cup and saucer for the bargain price of £1.50.
Coffee at the Veg Box Cafe
Happiness at last!
And so pretty, too....
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