December 09, 2012

Now Is The Winter of My Discontent

December is here. Ice moves through waters like little hands pressing and stemming the flow. Snow falls like tiny armies armed to fight growth, equipped to make everything stop, almost dead. The fallen lay scattered in gridlock, seized by the prison of winter and the ground lays solid underfoot.
And yet, yet while the outdoor world is grinding to a frozen halt, the indoors is warm and lively with people gathering with the ones they love. Rosy faces are illuminated by the fire and festive cheer with kisses lingering still cold on their cheeks.

Hi everyone!
I realised that I hadn't written anything just from me lately. I've been caught up in the stream of life and what not, haven't I? How have you been?
Well, I got back from Barcelona and, surprise surprise, it was a mini struggle as a lot of my work dried up and I was left wondering how I was going to survive the winter. At my darkest moment of fear, a little message popped up on my screen from the proprietor of my favourite cocktail bar simply saying 'do you want a job?'... Isn't it funny when life does that? And so it is that I am working in the sassiest place in Canterbury with a whole bunch of gorgeous people. I'm not gonna lie to you, I LOVE working in a bar. If it paid mega bucks, I'd probably do it for the rest of my life. I adore meeting people, being on my feet and waltzing around to the music.
Look at this tiny little apple that I found in the frosty orchard (yes, I am wearing my pyjamas but only the trees can see me). This fellow makes me think about a personal upcoming project I've got growing. You really ought to watch this space because if you love my city stuff, it's pretty damn cute.

In other news, sadly the world lost the loveliest cat that I have ever known. Like, really. This cat was just so very sweet and kind and always wanted to give love. I think his passing may have actually broken my heart a touch. I was considering moving back to my mother's in the New Year but it gets very lonely there sometimes and he was my right hand man, following me to the bath, down the garden and sitting next to me all day long while I worked at my computer. I intend to write a longer post on this wonderful soul but in the meantime, let's just survey his beauty. Just look at those eyes! BUBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
We can't really believe you're gone, Bubba, and your departure will be felt greatly for a long time to come. Goodbye my little Bibblypops Bibblestein. I really do love you.

On that note, I'm off. I've got Sunday shiz to attend to. Like eating a chocolate orange on the sofa with my beloved housemate and occasionally hollering 'BUBBAAAAA' into the air with dramatic agony. As the world is supposed to end on the 12th, we're also considering eating all of the advent calendars. Needs must, people, NEEDS MUST.

Oh, and does anyone else fecking LOVE this song? Bubba did.
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