January 11, 2013

Sally Spaces

Now, I have to admit, I do love a polite touch of astrology. And I won't lie, I'm a fully fledged Cancerian female: swollen with emotions, mother of the ship and basically, the womanly incarnate of the moon beaming my knowledgeable light radiantly upon the heads of my disciples. Cold, hard and totally true facts aside, these elements also translate that I'm also wildly impassioned by the idea of 'home'. That fact, my readers, is most certainly the truest of them all.
Finding home lately, has been somewhat troublesome as the problem persistently prevails: I have none. I'm set and ready to jump up where the work takes me but I have no idea when or where that will be.
What I do have is a gaggle of friends and family that are kind enough to let me sleep at theirs and set up a 'mini Sally camp' during the days that they are blessed with my presence. But oh how I miss my own room! Or own flat, mind you. Let's review some of my former Sally spaces:
Aw, yes, it's pretty, isn't it? This was my flat on C/Joaquin Costa in Barcelona. That's my friend Beth looking at one of my very old maps. And the table? It's all ready for a lamb curry eating fiesta. See the little bowls with herbs, nuts and chutneys? That was a delicious eve, it was. A gaggle of pals would come every Sunday to drink wine, eat well and loiter on our balcony overlooking the street.
This flat was by no means perfect. It was furnished by the ugly, cheap hands that owned it and filled it with nasty budget IKEA furniture but we made it our home by filling it with friends and the smell of good food. And lots of maps.
Oh! My dear, sweet office where I used to whip up the most beautiful (tongue in cheek) concoctions on Glenda my sewing machine. Look! There's even a spoon bluetacked to the shelves. A SPOON. That's just the way I roll when I have my own space.
Oh. This was my very favourite Sally space of all from a long time ago not just because I used to fill it with junk every Sunday from the boot fair but because this is where I fell in love with someone once. This room was the grounds for my total coverage. I stamped, stomped and splashed myself around with trinkets, images and curios because I was young and brimming with insane Cancerian nesting energy.
 I don't think I'll ever have enough stuff to fill a room like this again and I don't think I'd want to either. My belongings have been whittled down to a suitcase and a box, such is the way when you move so damn much. When we left Barcelona, we filled the streets with our possessions and watched as passers by picked up the pieces and transported them to a new life (except for the man who picked up my bag of bras and then scattered them down the street). What I do want, or would like, is a new Sally space. To carefully fill and make my own.
The questions are: where will it be? Where is my new home? And how, as a crazy homely Cancerian, do I find home in my everyday? Well that, my dear readers, will be my next article..

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