December 06, 2013

An Interview with I'm Being Erica

Good morning folks,

It's Friday, which only means one thing over here on the Cafe Cat... BLOGGER SPOTLIGHTS.
Today I'd like to introduce you to Erica from I'm Being Erica, who just so happens to be another kindred spirit living in London and blogging about her mischievous ways in the city. 

We were fortunate enough to meet in person a couple of weeks back. She turned to me and said 'You're cute' and I replied 'YOU'RE cute' and the next thing I knew, we were slurping tea and chatting the blogosphere. 

Erica and I often dip in and out of emails all day, musing over life and all the obstacles that come as being in your 'mid twenties'. I even wrote an article about my personal story over on her blog lately and I sit in my own spot as a sponsor on her sidebar. 

Be sure to find out more about Erica below and do stop by to say hello. She makes a lovely pal indeed.
Erica Vonderwall
Where are you from and why do you love where you live?
I was born and raised in the outer suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. at 21 I'd had enough of the same people and the same parties, so I bailed out and left for pastures new... since them have lived in New Zealand, Melbourne, Essex and now London, and I'm bloody glad I do. I love everything about London; initially the vitality of the city, the colour, the characters and the noises, and now more so the anonymity; nobody knows or cares what you do, and i always feel like a bit of a secret, there's coffee and cake on every corner.
Erica Vonderwall Picture of London
 When did you start your blog and why?
I started it initially as a way to keep my friends and family back home in the loop and up to speed with my 'London life'. stories of outdoor markets, vintage fairs and nights in the west end flowed more and more frequently, and within the year, i had a pretty fun hobby on my hands! through my blog I've had so many amazing experiences and met so many wonderful people... I'd give it all up to just keep the people, but touch wood this ride doesn't end soon.

Describe your blog in three words
Teacups, bruises, cheesecake
Erica Vonderwall Teacups
 How did we meet?
I think officially it was via email... I'd seen a tweet of yours RT by someone on Twitter, asking for lifestyle bloggers to get in touch. Feeling I could happily tick that box, I did! Since then you've been a happy addition to my daily work procrastination schedule, and last week we finally met in person! And over tea no less! More of that please.

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