December 04, 2013

When Fifi Met Sally: Forever Friends

In the blogosphere, I am grateful to have met so many glorious guys and gals- some of whom I've shared one-off conversations with and others who grace my inbox on a regular basis. 

I suppose you could call them 'digital pen pals'. 

Before the internet though, did you ever have a paper and pen pal? You know, the ones you sent letters to when you weren't busy building fortresses in the woods, making cakes or playing the Sega Mega Drive? You'd tell them about your hopes and dreams and even if you didn't actually have a pen pal, you always kinda wished you had.

My grandmother was always the gentle reminder and would sit me down and watch carefully- checking that I crossed my t's and dotted my i's and was just as excited as I was when the postman came.

I loved those mornings when an envelope would land on the mat with MY name on the front. I would tear it open and devour the delights within and grandma would cast her eyes over it too. I think she longed to be a little girl again.

When Fifi McGee and I first made digital chums, the tone of voice and her long, lovely hair reminded me of the sweet girl friends I would exchange letters with as a child and, as if she'd read my mind, we began our offline story.

Our letters between London and Brighton have been earnest and brimming with childlike enthusiasm- harking back to the voices of our inner girls who just wanted to play make believe with their best friends. There's no friendship quite so sweet as your sworn bosom buddy, the kind that existed only before boys came along.

We've had all sorts of ideas for our future exchanges, starting with something we really felt captured the sentiment of being letter-sending besties. 

Does anyone remember those cute necklaces that you could buy that were two halves of a broken love heart that fit back together and said 'Friends Forever'?
I always longed to have someone to send to send one to, who would wear it with pride every single day. 

We decided between us to do something similar but that reflected the online and offline identity of our friendship, which is where Argento came along and generously helped us to see the idea through, because they're pretty nice like that- you just gotta #loveargento. 

And so it is that when Fifi and I met for the first time this November, we got to exchange our grown-up versions of forever friends necklaces...
I don't really wear that much jewellery but for me, this necklace is perfect because it is dainty, it's completely personal and it reminds me of a time when all I did was run, play, read and write. It's also solid silver and simply gleams from where it sits on my breastbone.

I've been wearing it every day and people always stop to ask what it says, which gives me an excuse to tell a story- the story of my blog and of my ever-so-sweet pen pal, Fifi McGee.

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