January 31, 2014

An Interview with The Cutlery Chronicles

With some blogs, it takes a couple of reads or a few visits to fall in love. Sometimes, you can hate them entirely and yet strangely find yourself drawn to them from time to time until you actually admit that, yes, you love them too.

With Leyla at the Cutlery Chronicles however, it was instant not only from a work perspective (I am in Digital PR for Lifestyle brands) but mostly for myself- for the inspirational value that her blog gave me with its beautiful pictures, witty words and delicious musings.

Leyla creates her own bespoke recipes, heads off to cover events, gets stuck into classes and offers her honest opinion on eateries across London.

What's more, in a digital world where the do's and don'ts of good blogging and bloggers can seem such a 'grey' area, Leyla has bundles of integrity and she's a frickin' lovely girl, too.

Let's find out more about Leyla.

Where are you from and why do you love where you live?
I'm a Landaaan girl through and through. I lived with my parents in SE London / Kent when I was younger, went to uni in central London and lived there for 4 years, and have since resided in the SW London area. I bought a place with the ball and chain a couple of years ago, down to almost the end of the Northern Line. I'm very close to Tooting and Balham which has a thriving restaurant scene, always handy for a food nut like me. Other interests are wildlife and nature and there happens to be a National Trust park and city farm just 5 minute walk from my house, so that's pretty great.
When did you start your blog and why?
I started the blog in October 2012. I'm a person that likes to document and record things, to look back over some time in the future. Having a sort of food anthology I could refer to for both recipes and good places to eat out appealed to me a lot. Another reason I started it was because I missed writing. One of my A-levels was English in which I got my highest grade, but I pursued Physics at university and hadn't written any prose for years - I missed it. The blog is a great outlet for any creative juices (I think) I have - I'm hoping the regular practice is helping me to constantly improve. Finally, I enjoy photography and the blog has given me the opportunity to exercise a bit of food styling and share any decent photos I take.
Describe your blog in three words
Makes people hungry.
How did we meet?
I caught sight of Sally's great looks and witty humour and decided, she would be mine. Since then I have relentlessly pursued her until she eventually gave in for the sake of peace and privacy once more. Restraining orders are wasted on the determined, Sally. That, or she reached out via twitter, her undeniable charm pretty difficult to ignore (I did try). We eventually met face to face over some really expensive tea about 37 floors above London. I prefer the first story.

Be sure to follow Leyla through her social buttons below, but do go carefully if you're even remotely hungry.

It's a feast.

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