January 10, 2014

An Interview with Sally Tangle

It's that time of the week again where I share with you my favourite people - be they bloggers or brands that I think are rather special.

Sally Tangle is a gal in whom I see little pieces of myself, not only because her name is Sally but for her dreamy pictures of the beautiful location in which she lives that reminds me of all those wonderful times I spent in the very middle of nowhere, Kent. 

I especially like the way she writes, like these musings on January:

Whilst it is wonderful to eat and drink and be merry and to give and receive presents until the cows come home; it is also okay to just be quiet and tell someone how special they are instead.  Sometimes when everything is stripped back to basics, that's when you get chance to be still and to enjoy the little tiny things that make us all appreciate being here in the great big world.  Whether that is a really good cup of tea, the smell of freshly washed sheets and clean hair, or just a rather pretty SUNSET.  It's your choice, and it can be anything in the whole world.   

She also captures lovely landscape perspectives in her photos and makes a great gal to chat to via email or Twitter during a tea break.

Dear readers, meet Sally Tangle:
Blogger Sally Tangle interviewed by The Cafe Cat
Where are you from and why do you love where you live?
I am originally from Stockport (near the land of Manchester), but my parents moved about a lot when I was a whipper snapper and they ended up in bonny Scotland when I was 13.  I moved down from there to Carlisle, which is just in England and in beautiful Cumbria, when I was 17 to study Media at uni here.  And here I am still.  I like this little part of the world because it's an arty, creative little city which is really more of a jolly big town and you are only a hop skip and a jump away from all that is green and good.

When did you start your blog and why?
Sallytangle came from many years of being known around and about these parts as the girl with the bright tights/crazy printed trousers/loopy hats.  And also as a little bit of a somewhere to channel my creative juices.  Although it started out as more of fashion diary, I like how it has evolved into more of an online lifestyle scrapbook of being me and somewhere I can share all my little adventures and appreciation of all the little things that make me happy.  
Describe your blog in three words
Dreamy, inspirational and refreshing? Well that's what I hope for it to be!
How did we meet?
It was fate really.  Our eyes met across a busy blogger chat on twitter.  I knew it was the start of something special and I hope that we will have a long and lasting relationship full of hashtags, lols and retweets.  
Thanks, Sally!

If you're not already a reader of her blog, do be sure to show her your love and support over at Sallytangle.
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