April 18, 2014

Help Lix Go To London (And Stay!)

The landscape of Spain is rich, diverse and plentiful with tradition, produce and people warm with feeling.

If I could live there, I certainly would. However, one heartbreaking problem remains: the economy.

The immediate opportunities just aren't there. For some therein lies a challenge rather than a setback and, for others, there is the financial family 'helping hand' that feeds into entrepreneurship and sees the fruition of start-ups bound for remark and praise but longevity? Only time will tell.

For others, unfortunately, there is no starting ground or helping hand to boost passionate talent into a career and so the challenge is somewhat without confidence.

I taught and became friends with some of the brightest and most determined people I have had the pleasure to meet in Spain. Some with one, two even three degrees and yet attending subsidised evening classes in hope to put English on the long list of qualifications that might see them get the job over that devastating 50% of unemployed applicants seeking the same position.

When I saw Liz Hewitt's beautifully presented, almost painfully raw plea for help and how little people had contributed so far it made me wonder, when someone asks for help, should we? How responsible are we?
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It's easy to look at this and, despite perhaps a slight pang of feeling, dismiss it wholly.

It takes a couple of minutes more to study it more closely and see that behind the presentation, Lix is a little meek and dainty like a mouse but the impassioned force behind an incredibly brave and admirable plight: to speak up and ask for help. The anxiety that she speaks of perhaps stemming from operating in a digital world, disassociated from a country that currently provides her little to nothing at all in this industry and her youth/inexperience of a world outside Ciudad Real.

How responsible are we for a girl who is just like I was, just like your friends, just like my students, just like your daughters, your sons and perhaps even yourself, past or present, when faced against the odds within the recession.

Can we help? Should we help?

All I'm sure of is that, if you or I were in her position, we'd appreciate every small kindness of vote of confidence in the challenge of being able to do what we love.

So how can you help?

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