June 01, 2014

Celia's Saucer: Beetroot Spaghetti

Sometimes an impressive dish needs not expensive ingredients but instead can rely upon a few quality flavours, vibrant colours and a little innovation.

When I’m pressed for time, this beetroot spaghetti is the perfect go-to dish for lunch or, indeed, dinner. It’s all about how you dress it.

I don’t know about you but I’m all about the smaller dishes at a garden party from the salads to the cold dips to the pasta.

You can enjoy the earthy and sweet flavours of this colourful number with something botanical – mine’s a Gin Mare and tonic, please.

For this dish, you will need twenty five minutes and:

-          Cooked Beetroot (200g and blended);

-          White Onion (One);

-          Garlic (One to two cloves);

-          Hard Goat’s Cheese (200g, St. Helen’s is good);

-          Veg Stock (about 1.5tsps bouillon thrown in);

-          Spaghetti (white, about 375g);

    Whatever you wish to garnish with at the end- I chose sour dough toast, rocket, lemon, good quality olive oil and some shavings of parmesan but pears, pancetta and walnuts work well too.

Quite simply, you’ll need to cook your onion and garlic in the butter and a splash of oil (to stop it burning) on a medium heat until they are translucent.

Break the spaghetti three-ways in your hands and add it to the saucepan. It will behave a little peculiarly but be sure to let it cook for at least two minutes, coating it thoroughly.

Add your stock, beetroot and enough water to cover. Pop the lid on and cook until the spaghetti is al dente. It will soak up all of the beautiful colour, at which point, mix in your cheese, et voilĂ !

Dress as you please (the pasta, that is) and eat.

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