July 24, 2014

An Interview With Tess Ward

I struggle to quantify how I interact with food on this blog as it is an evolving area for me. Inspiration or affirmation therefore, is warmly received from characters on the London food scene with mutual interests, especially since I cook without rigour and by what I feel is instinctively right. This comes from a lot of time, patience and confidence instilled in me by my grandmother but for those who are new or tentative to the kitchen, I can imagine it is quite daunting.

Tess Ward, a fellow foodie, personal chef and blogger, bases her interaction with food by the same instinctive means but at a recent and intimate event that she hosted, she also shared her thoughts on 'clean' food and encouraged us to play with spices, herbs and salts to bring our palates to life by our own rules.

 Nothing was overtly new here for me in terms of playing by response to taste but I was interested all the more in the concept of food that is lower in sugar and less processed and also the method she used to engage us as her students for the evening, allowing us to try for ourselves rather than tell and lay gentle inspirations.

I have since made a fabulously easy spelt soda bread, such as the one we devoured topped with smoked mackerel pate and am keen to make the sweet potato gnocchi we also shared and for which you can find the recipe below.
In the meantime, you can find out a little more about Tess below or head over to her blog, the Yes Chef, to see more of what she's up to. I quite like the look of the cappuccino oatmeal!

Tess, where are you from?

 Why and when did you start your blog/career?
I started cooking at university, I fell in love with cooking and after I finished enrolled at Le cordon Bleu. Straight out I pitched my cookbook to my agent and have been cooking and writing ever since.

What makes you different?
I don't want to feed the world. I want to teach the world to feed itself. The ability to cook is so important. I believe everyone should have a basic understanding of it. 

What's your fave thing to do?

I love yoga. Art galleries, old bookshops and libraries are some of my favourite places for calm. It's much needed in my hectic world! 

How did we meet?
A taster evening, for my tailor made cooking programmes, held at Pipsdish
Describe your blog/job in three words
Creative, spontaneous and beautifully fulfilling.

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