August 17, 2014

A Weekend Walk #9

Canterbury Goods Shed
Kent Cats in the Shed
Rain, Sunshine and Clouds
Hydrangeas and Roadside Flowers
Apple Crates Kent
Shottenden Garden
Ice Cream Parlour North London
A weekend well spent between Kent and London started with a vibrant and lively business meeting at the Goods Shed, Canterbury, regarding our unique company culture and how we can maintain this in an intense period of growth and change- cocktails from the Wild Goose bar were helpful in lubricating minds. Possibly my favourite place in Canterbury, the tucked away nature of the food hall means that the atmosphere is calm and subdued. Perfect for starting the evening and marveling at the beautiful architecture of the old railway building as the sun sets.

I spent Saturday enjoying the wonderfully tempestuous and moody weather that spectacularly saw the skies dance between rain and sunshine like a mad tango. Walking through the orchards at Shottenden, I wondered when I might move away from London back to such a place, if at all? All I know is that I certainly feel more at home there than I ever did elsewhere - it has truly stolen my heart and refused to give it back in its entirety.

Back in London today, we ate a hearty Moroccan lunch (lamb meatballs in a date, almond and tomato sauce if you must know) in the downpour and strolled to Tufnell Park's Ruby Violet for ice cream in the fierce hazy beams of a triumphant sun.

Tonight seeks concentration for some written work promised a long time ago now and a prawn, coconut and butternut squash curry to tend to.

Do stay a while and tell me what you got up to? Did you get caught in the rain? Did you get out of the city? And above all, did you wish it was autumn as much I did?
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