August 12, 2014

Freixenet Cava | Little Things

Not one for overblown gestures, it's all in the smaller pleasures for me - from a beautifully written note to an old habit, like wrapping my hands around a cup of takeaway coffee in the morning and taking a long sip.

 Life in Barcelona was all about enjoying small moments with food, drink, sunshine and friends but in London, I often feel as if the culture 'wastes' no time and it can be a balancing act to get work and pleasure in equal measure; constantly reminding yourself to shut off your emails and to spend time with those you love, if they happen to have nothing planned a million years in advance, that is.

Freixenet, cava purveyors hailing from Barcelona, Catalonia, recently held an intimate and generous event to open their new campaign, focused around the little things in life and inspired by research that shows that, as Brits, we admit that we plan too much of our social lives rather than enjoying the spontaneity of impromptu celebrations. Bottles of Freixenet Cava cooling on ice
Atop the roof of the Queen of Hoxton, a small group of us were invited to enjoy Catalan-style food as the sun set over the city and were attended to generously with cocktails inspired by the Freixenet range and a wealth of knowledge about the cava itself. 
The sunset from the rooftop at the Queen of Hoxton
Tapas with FreixenetPaella, churros and cocktails
The views were captivating, the company a pleasure and the food a delicious backdrop - it was if I were back in Barcelona and this was owed especially to the cava itself, which, to me, is the lubricant of a great gathering.
Cava Cocktails
 Working in PR, for me, this was an exceptionally well-thought out and executed evening accompanied by an inspiring campaign. As such, Freixenet essentially introduced the Mediterranean culture from which their product hails and combined it with the needs of us time-poor Brits.

Releasing a series of short videos about unexpected little things that give us a kick, a boost and a smile, you can follow and join in the conversation on their social media channels and watch my favourite from the lot below.

 Some of the little things I like the most are:

- The warm stillness and electric smell just before the rain at the end of a hot spell of weather

- Small kindnesses - an old Indian man who spoke no English sharing his sweets with me on a long train journey

- Pretty pops of colour and nature in urban spaces

What about you? What little things make you smile?
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