December 15, 2014

Christmas at Ruby Violet | Celia's Saucer

 I've  never ever been a fan of traditional Christmas puds and I've always wondered why on earth everything has to be so fruity and cumbersome. Really though, why? Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, stollen, mince pies... it goes on and has taunted me always.

 I remember when I was a little girl, there were two glorious years in which we bought an incredible hot chocolate orange liqueur pudding from the milkman. I still dream of this pudding and the pleasure it brought me; that dizzying, rich velvet and deep current of brandy.  Sadly, as suddenly as the answer to my prayers came, it went away again and every year I would beseech my grandma and mother to tell me why we couldn't have the pudding anymore. It had just vanished, they said.

Years passed and as Christmas approached, all I would talk of was the pudding that no one had heard of until one day I struck up a curious friendship over a glass of red wine and the crossword with a magnificent German lady. She exclaimed excitedly that she knew of such pudding and so I sent her off to find me something similar from her village, but she returned months later shaking her head.  It was no good: the pudding was long gone, as was my hope, and Christmas dessert was certainly disastrous once more.

That was until I moved to North London and discovered Ruby Violet.

A parlour in Tufnell Park and one of the best places for ice cream in London, Ruby Violet has become the answer to my prayers this Christmas and pretty much every weekend, every month. With an ever-changing menu and hours way beyond the boring 9 until 5, it's the perfect place to seek alternatives - not only to a Christmas pud quandary but also to an unusual but fun-filled date that won't break the bank. 

Or, you know, just because.
(Kentish Town Honey and Lavender Ice Cream Sundae - that's a jug of hot salted caramel sauce on the side)

Inspired by the season, feedback from folk and sourcing local wherever damn possible, the team here work extremely hard to create (in their own words) delicious ice cream, exotic sorbet and frozen delights.
 (Blackcurrant and Chandon Sorbet)

For Christmas, flavours vary wildly from my personal favourites, Gianina's Gingerbread or Billy's Brandy, to Marzipan or Mince Pie, all the way across the palate to Cropwell Bishop Stilton with Cranberry & White Port.

What's more, if you're looking for something extra special, they've got Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnut Crunch Yule Logs, Sorbet-stuffed Amalfi Lemons and the prettiest Ice Cream Roses, to name a few.
Ice Cream Roses at Ruby Violet Ice Cream Parlour, Tufnell Park, London
If you're new to the parlour, take a seat from the cold, order yourself a hot chocolate and talk with the friendly staff. 

My favourite idea of theirs is the Mystery Tasting Box - take away five surprise flavours and after dinner, invite all to dive in. As the parlour is open to feedback and led by customer suggestions, they'll be delighted to read your notes and offer a free scoop as thanks.
And so if you're a Christmas pud hater like me, be sure to stop by the parlour for a late night, hot sauce sundae or for that tub of something special on the big day. 

I'm pleased to say I'll be making that wretchedly delicious chocolate orange pudding myself this year and I'll certainly be serving it with a scoop of something Ruby Violet. Who knows, next year maybe they'll turn it into its very own ice cream, if I ask nicely..

For all inquiries such as opening times, delivery and more, be sure to check the Ruby Violet Website and note, they will be closed for January,
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