February 17, 2015

HART | New Music | Anchor, with strings from Nico Muhly

Introducing the debut single from Hart, Anchor, with strings arranged by Nico Muhly
Introducing the debut single from HART isn't something that I would normally write about on the Café Cat but this is different and this is exciting.

I remember 3-years ago when I first heard musician, and HART's front and only man, Daniel Pattison. A voice with a difference, my sentence stopped midway as I was captivated by his falsetto. An old university acquaintance, I had no idea of the power behind the face that I had once known; of the sheer talent he possessed.

Years on, I know the face very well and am elated to support and help promote his new venture: HART, formerly known as Daniel Pattison.

A raw and personal song with 5-years in the making, the debut single 'Anchor' features strings arranged by highly-respected modern composer, Nico Muhly, and is produced by Mario Leal and Ben Walker.

Taken from the forthcoming EP 'Songs of Late Summer' (to be released in the Spring), HART's new sound is expansive and experimental and yet at the very centre of it all remains the signature that will refuse to part itself from your mind: his voice. 

Listen to Anchor here:

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