August 09, 2012

Caj Chai, Barcelona

Following along the theme of tea from earlier this week, allow me to introduce to you another of my favourite little places in the 'I Love Barcelona' series...
Tucked away on the greatest narrow jaunt of the city 'Sant Domenec del Call' this hot spot is a peaceful retreat for those wishing to avoid the midday sun, although it is open all morning, afternoon and evening if you fancy it.
The emphasis here is on tea. GOOD tea of all sorts. In fact, it's a tad lengthy to navigate the menu and be decisive enough to choose just one- I suppose I'll just have to keep going back, won't I?
Caj Chai is very quiet and peaceful and offers comfy seating- it's a great place to meet or simply to go on your own to do some writing. However, I only managed a paragraph because I was spellbound with all the details of the building and doing one of my favourite things- people watching. I chose the 'sweet dreams' tea which was a combination of the following ingredients:  Sage, camomile, lemon verbena, raisins, apple, mango, lemongrass, rose hip, ibiscus, orange peel, carrot, stinging nettle, raspberry leaves, tangerine, cornflower, mallow blossoms, marigold, rose petals and buds and safflower...
Probably a touch more suitable just before bedtime but I needed relaxing and decided that this would be perfect.
And perfect it was. Plus, if you don't like tea yourself, it's still a great place to get a small gift for someone who does!

You can read more about CAJ CHAI here.

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