July 26, 2013

An Interview with Hello Matilde

Dear readers,

Welcome to my new weekly edition of Follow Friday. I'll be introducing you to my favourite blogs and some of the great people I have the pleasure of meeting online.
To kick start the series, I'd like to show you a beautiful blog by Carolina of Hello Matilde, who basically does what I have tried to do on the City Kitty but a hell of a lot better.

Writing beautifully in both English and Spanish, Hello Matilde showcases some of Barcelona's best design shops and sweet spots and endlessly inspires me to continue finding and writing about independent businesses.
Her use of colour and composition in her photography is seamless, airy and bright and as an individual, she is sweet and thoughtful. We exchanged postcards earlier this year and she's firmly one of the nicest gals I know in the wide blogsophere.
I love the way she designs these mood boards to tell stories about other people. Whether you understand Spanish or not, the concept is visually fantastic.

If you're visiting Barcelona, her website is a must-visit for ideas and all those secret places you wouldn't have known about otherwise. 

I'm looking forward to visiting in October and finding all these little gems she has written about and even meeting for tea with this bloguera herself. 

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