January 02, 2013

An Interview with Bar Pesca Salada, Barcelona

Pesca Salada Barcelona Gin and Tonic
Oh hey. What's this? I hadn't noticed it before, sitting there so pretty on the corner of Carrer de la Cera in the Raval of Barcelona. Shall we take a closer look?
Pesca Salada Barcelona
Hola guapo. Do you have anything delicious for us please? Perhaps a gin and tonic? What's that? You specialise in gin and tonic? Well in that case, I'll have your finest Gin Mare, thanks. Did you say your name was Sergi? Mine's Sally. It's a pleasure to meet you. 
Wow, that's a pretty big gin and tonic. Is that rosemary, lime and olives in there? What a treat and perfectly complimentary of the flavours with which it was originally distilled over in Vilanova.

Hey, Sergi, I don't suppose I could ask you some questions, could I?
Pesca Salada Barcelona
So where are you from?
I'm from Barcelona. I was born in the same street as this bar and I am still here. I am a witness to all of the transformation of this barrio; of the Raval
Pesca Salada Barcelona
Why have you opened this here lovely bar?
La Pesca Salada, as you might know, is a type of shop where they mainly sell salted cod but also other types of fish like anchovies, smoked fish like salmon and mackerel and also diverse types of olive. In the past, this type of shop was all over Catalonia where they were located throughout different neighbourhoods but over time they have disappeared and the products were only available in markets. Well, this place was where we used to come to buy our salted cod etc. My mother would say "Sergi! Go buy some olives!" The shop and the smell of cod are still there in a corner of my childhood memories. One day, around five years ago, I was walking down the street when I saw a very tempting poster advertising the place to rent. I'd had the idea of opening a business in my head for a while and where better than right next to the house and somewhere with such nostalgia?
Pesca Salada Barcelona
Why are you different?
Pesca Salada is an mere 15 square metres and offers more than 50 types of gin and a wide variety of cocktails. I dedicate time to each and every glass, preparing them with love, care and (of course) technique, until I am satisfied. I love to make things and the space allows me to be open to the public and share it with them and gives me the opportunity to try and do something creative, while making it comfortable and totally personalised. Although at a slower pace than I would like, the bar is constantly evolving and under renovation and now it is my objective to better the cocktails. So the next time you come, I hope you find new and tempting offers.
Pesca Salada Barcelona
Where is your favourite place in Barcelona?
This is a difficult question as it depends on what for. To eat? To drink? To spend time? To relax? Normally there isn't just one. I have many favourites. If we're speaking simply of the place, then mine is Pla├ža Sant Felip Neri. In the centre of the plaza there is a beautiful tree called Tipuana and a fountain, which is delightful and cascades with wonderful sounds. In the spring, Tipuana blooms with thousands of yellow flowers that then fall to announce the summer and cover almost completely the ground of the plaza. It's spectacular! But please, don't take just anybody... :)

Well, thanks for being so kind as to answer all my questions, Sergi. Your answers are thoughtful and full of enthusiasm and this translates across our languages and throughout your gorgeous bar. It really was wonderful to meet you and I do hope we can have another gin and tonic one day. Hasta pronto, Sergi!
Pesca Salada Barcelona
Should you care to pay a visit to Sergi and sup a fine G&T, you'll find a map below:

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