October 19, 2014

A Cat's Life #15

The nights are drawing in and so I am sitting on the sofa in our room full of lamplight and the smell of homemade chicken stock bubbling away on the stove wafts over in peels, reminding me that dinner is not far off.

This beautiful October Sunday inspired me to pick up where I had left off with the Cat's Life series, simply writing about where I've been lately as a kind of diary to myself and perhaps as inspiration for a Cafe Cat reader - where would you like to go? Where have you been?

At Home

The Cafe Cat at Home 
My favourite season is here and so I've been busy bringing the autumn indoors and foraging for herbs, dried flowers and nuts. I like the idea of having a seasonal still life on the mantle although I wonder what I'll do with it all when I have to light that fire.

October 10, 2014

Sawyer & Gray Cafe | Islington | London

Sawyer & Gray Cafe | Islington | London
I don't often take the underground in London - I venture on foot or, if it's a touch too far, on the bus. In Zen and ...
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