September 05, 2012

Three Things I love #2

1. The thought of a good English cup of tea and a rainy day

If there's one thing that I am looking forward to most, it's getting back to my mother's little bungalow at number 24, saying hello to the cats (paying special attention to Bubba because he's getting old) and hearing my mother say "Cup of tea?".... Yes please, Ma! She'll make it for me just the way I like it (thank God she's stopped this putrid goat's milk lark) and I'll stand by the kitchen window overlooking Betty's lovely garden that my mother has been working to restore to its former glory and sip quietly, taking in the surroundings and the fact that England is once again my home.
Btw, you might be wondering who the fudge Betty is, but that's another story in the pipeline, isn't it?

2. The coming season

I don't suppose it comes as a surprise to those of you who regularly read this blog but I love autumn and everything about it. Come over to my Pinterest and follow my boards or follow this here blog for a daily photograph in the countdown to the most beautiful time of year!

3. Making new friends and finding new companies

I love making pals with people high and low... this is quite a new thing. In the past I would have put myself under the category of 'not all that interested in making convo with strangers' but these days, I just can't get enough. It's so lovely to make a connection with someone, be it electric or a minor fizz, and you should always, always exchange details! Today I met a lovely woman who came to buy some English books from me- we shot the shit about languages, teaching, cities... I almost didn't want her to leave, she was so nice.
I try to make a habit these days of carrying around little cards with my name, number and email on so that people can connect with me easily.
It's the same online... I've been chatting with Rachel of Cold Knees, Fritha from Tigerlily Quinn and Hannah from Foxtail and Fern- all thoroughly delightful gals!
As for new companies, I recently came across a wonderful Barcelona-based jewellery team by the name of Fauna y Flora... they sell the prettiest little pieces at really good prices. I found them at a Sunday market and bought my best friend a birthday present and as soon as I got home I went online to their shop to buy an autumnal-themed present for an up and coming giveaway! So you really ought to watch this space.. it's about to get exciting, xxx

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