February 13, 2013

Barcelona World Wander Series

I think a lot about the concept of home and where we can find it when we don't actually have a set of bricks to call our own. I don't think of home as a concrete entity, like a nice two up, two down Victorian cottage, but more a feeling that we get; a connection with something; an element that strikes a chord in our hearts and something that can therefore occur anytime, anywhere.

Home is everywhere if you look for it.

When I think back to my time spent in Barcelona, I did have a set of bricks to call my own and yes, I miss that flat very dearly as it was my first, but when I really feel nostalgic it's the streets, shadows and senses that call to me. Those hours I spent wandering through the city come back to haunt me. The smell of  vegetables on my street wafting under my nose, the taste of my morning coffee as I finished the last drop and mounted my bicycle and that impending feeling that rain was looming as I sped along the seafront- when it rains in Barcelona, it pours.

And so I was pleased to find kindred spirits that have gone to great lengths to explore the influence of spaces  and of cities through a short video that, if you have ever lived or spent time in Barcelona, you will love as much as I did. They capture some of the city's greatest elements just perfectly.

Directed by Manoah Biesheuvel: manoahbiesheuvel.com
Production by Pulp Collectors: pulpcollectors.com

As we like to wander around and find our inspiration in all kinds of landscapes, cities and the people who live there, we decided to start 'The World Wander Series'. Several short films that contain the vibe we experienced during our trips and we hope to show you stuff you don't expect in the concerning site. Hopefully it will inspire you to start wandering our beautiful planet as well.
Starting the series by Barcelona, we show a city that, in despite of times of crisis and economical disease, has found a way to get creative, to value human contact and laughter. We found new corners with new initiatives, young ones that get together to make a future of their own. You will find inspiration almost everywhere.

"An exit is always an entrance somewhere else"


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