July 22, 2017

The Sondes Tea House & General Stores | Selling | Kent

Tea House Selling Kent

Selling local produce such as Kentish cherries

When an old friend, Claire, told me she had opened The Sondes Tea House and General Stores after a few long years looking for a new project (having reluctantly moved on from Badger’s Hill Farm in Chilham) excitement welled up and I gave an audible cheer. Claire and I had gone our separate ways when I unexpectedly landed a job in London and had to leave the farm with two weeks’ notice, although the farm itself changed hands soon after. In these four years since, I’ve worked my way up 'the career ladder' and can finally say that I’m happy working for a great tea company. The farm, however, will always hold a place in my heart asmy all-time favourite job. Despite wearing plastic bags around my feet inside my shoes to keep them dry because all of my shoes were falling apart and I was quite hard up, working with Claire was like working with a kindred spirit – it was like being at home. A really rather magical home.  

In these four years, Claire found the Sondes with her daughter, Megan, and Megan’s partner, Danny. A rundown pub just next to the railway line in Selling, nearr Faversham, she has – they have – worked their charms to transform it into a tea house and general store. And what a tea house it is! It would seem that everything she touches becomes quite beautiful. See for yourselves. 

Selling, Faversham

Kent things to do - tea house

Selling, near Faversham

Funny that we should both end up surrounded by dozens of delicious teas. 

Funny that you can walk into a place and immediately feel at home. A feeling I'm not sure I've had for a while now. 

Faversham, Selling, Kent

Kent Tea House, Selling

Tea rooms in Kent

Tea in Kent, things to do

The Sondes Tea House and General Stores

And General Stores, Faversham

Selling, Faversham

Selling Faversham Kent

The Sondes General Store and Tea House is open Tuesday to Sunday, providing for most of your general household needs (with exceptionally good eggs), as well as a loose leaf tea menu that will please newcomers and connoisseurs all at once. Food on offer is vegetarian - think salads, pizza breads, quiches, and homemade vegan cakes - and there's delicious coffee to match, too. 

A five-minute train journey from Faversham, there's really no excuse if you're in the area not to stop by and say hello. 

A home as unique as Claire's is always unforgettable. 

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