September 17, 2012

Starting Afresh

Ok so my plans to start afresh have looked a little like this over the weekend. I only have one suitcase, so I did a little charity shopping and had some boot fair fun times, also getting shop stock ready for when I am a little more settled and desesperado for money.

As you can see, I have a big of a soft spot for reds. When you have rosy cheeks you just have to go with the flow and you know, my middle name ain't Rosetta for nothing.

In Mumsie's* garden
Boot fair fun times at Nutberry Farm, Guildford
From cool, chic bars in Barcelona to a party at Sandhurst Community Hall (which was actually super fun)

Even Mumsie* got dressed up!
* I don't actually call my mum 'Mumsie'. She's normally referred to as 'Woman', 'Foul Beast' or 'Old Flea' but that's how she was introduced here and that is now how she will stay, for continuity purposes.. unless of course you all prefer Foul Beast?

Answers on a postcard please, xxx
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