September 18, 2012

Caravelle Cafe Restaurant, Barcelona

So just because I don't live in Barcelona anymore, doesn't mean I can't let you all in on little secrets, right?
Like Caravelle, a new cafe restaurant in the Raval. Carrer de Pintor Fortuny to be precise...

Having only opened its doors a mere fortnight ago, Caravelle is a Ravallian baby just waiting to grow up and contend with Barcelona's other fantastic eateries. At the moment it is peaceful and a little on the quiet side but I envision future brunch-time queues as its reputation grows and grows.
It's still early days with a few teething problems (the bar was still being stocked when we had a thirst for gin and tonic) but so far, it's full steam ahead with a recipe for success: great food at great prices, wonderfully charming staff and a kitchen that appreciates quality, not quantity with a menu that changes daily and ingredients sourced from the city's market, La Boqueria.

Owned by a delightful gaggle of Aussies, the design is very crisp and clean but ultimately laid back. We all felt very comfortable and welcome every time we visited. In my final week, I went there four times. For dinner, for breakfast, for dinner again and for lunch. This was semi-intentional because I wanted to try everything before I left but also because the food was delicious and our waitress Grace was so very lovely.

Caravelle serves breakfast from 10:30 , lunch from 13:00 and dinner from 21:00 and the food is typically Australian. Breakfast choices range from baked eggs to hot ricotta pancakes with bananas and chocolate sauce to good old jam on toast... Lauren and I opted to share a sweet and a savoury dish, which we did not regret! Plus, the eggs were on the house as the chef decided they just weren't perfect enough. We didn't even notice but were pleased with his kind gesture.
Dinner is also a delightful affair. We went twice as a group of seven and nothing was left on our plates either time. Highlights included lamb chops with a chickpea, mint and radish salad (with a tasty yoghurt), an artichoke/tomato risotto and crispy porchetta with rich lentils. Oh and the chocolate hot pot... how could I forget the chocolate hot pot? Just scrumptious.
Unfortunately, my final visit to Caravelle was without my camera. I had less than an hour before I had to be at the airport but in that time, Rob Roy and I had the BAT (Bacon, avocado and tomato open sandwich). It was glorious. Such simple ingredients but all were fresh, plump and delicious. The bacon was crispy, the avocado was creamy and the tomatoes were a fiery red with streaks of dark green...  

If you find yourself in the Raval, be sure to pay a visit. Or even if you're not, be sure to pay a visit anyway! I doubt you will regret it. And as for all the other places of a similar vein (Federal and Picnic).. keep an eye on Caravelle because it has one thing that you often don't- truly excellent service*. 

*That's not to say that I don't like Federal or Picnic, but as of late, service has been particularly lacklustre. Competition is healthy!


  1. Lovely to share another meal with you Miss Sally! The ricotta pancakes will be repeated!

    Also, I managed to sneak in a dinner visit last Saturday. We had mussels (easily a kilo was brought to the table), a steak sandwich, pork meatballs and absolutely beautiful sardines with a walnut and parsley topping. I agree with you, it's a casual yet agradable setting where prices are fair and service (as well as the food) warm.

  2. JEALOUS OF THE MUSSELS! (and the sardines....)

  3. It sounds just perfect! Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your hidden gems. :)

  4. Fabian! I'm on my iPhone and accidentally clicked delete rather than publish... I'm sorry service was snotty- most of the staff there are really lovely. I hate bad service, too... X

  5. nice place really unique
    it has its own british ambiance
    quiet - nice music and greta people
    tea is awesone - recommend limon flavor
    will repeat on next visit to bcn



  6. It appears we may have similar taste in some things :-). We @#%#^&%^ love Caravelle. Proof here: And maybe you wanna whack your link into the comments section below our post so people can come read yours, too. Abrazos!


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