November 04, 2012

My Week in Pictures #2

Another marvellous week here in the UK and more and more I realise that being here was the best decision I could have made. That's not to say that I won't be visiting Barcelona muy pronto but I think I have fallen in love with England all over again. 

This week entailed many glorious things. I made a delicious pecan pumpkin pie and a tortilla patatas that was almost perfect apart from the fact that I forgot to season it- whoops! 
Buddy spent the week pulling many different faces and one morning he took his 'sex pest' status to new levels by actually getting in the shower with me after creeping along the bath, throwing cat-shaped shadows on the curtain as if we were in a Hitchcock film and when I bent down to pick up my towel he actually grabbed my hair, pulled me towards him and sniffed it. Oh Buddy! If you were human, you'd almost certainly wear an anorak, thick rimmed glasses and hang around in school playgrounds with a bag of sweeties. 
I was fortunate enough this week to catch up with my menagerie of pals. We spent a lot of time either in the Veg Box Cafe or in the kitchen at home, whipping up homemade toffee with salted peanuts.
The weather has been up and down this week but I had some glorious walks to the train station. In the first picture it might be quite hard to see but there were flocks of crows swooping and calling out in their funny cries. The whole village smells of rotting apples and so the air is sweet and cold and the light that breaks through the clouds is almost blinding as it catches the rain on the lanes. 
Last night we took a big flask of mulled wine down to the village to meet all of our neighbours for a bonfire and fireworks display.
There was an amazing hog roast. It was so good that at one point the woman in charge actually had to tell me to back away from the crackling. Damn you, woman!
We ended the week by waking up to hailstones and lashings of rain but that didn't stop us. I cracked on with feeding our trio of guests with velvety scrambled eggs and once we had freshened up, we popped down to the local Village Hall to see the craft fair that comes once a month. There was the sweetest old lady with hand knitted jumpers and the most incredible cakes and ploughmans for next to nothing. I picked up some Christmas treats and a fair few slices of cake! 
The thing I enjoy most about being home and something that no other place could rival, is being surrounded by those that I love and extended friendships. Of course, I still have my typical Cancerian moments where I scuttle off to quiet places to be alone. I suppose it's easy to take things for granted if you never step back and look at them and realise how very lucky you are to have them.

Home is most definitely where the heart is. Pepper that with a few international adventures and you've got yourself the perfect recipe.
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