December 13, 2012

The City Kitty

 Welcome to the City Kitty's tales of travel and meet the fellow friends made upon her trail. Working independently, the City Kitty interviews those with small businesses in an endeavour to find out more about the people at the heart of the community, their commitment and investment into the city and what makes their particular trade different to the masses. That, and because the City Kitty loves meeting people!

Meet below some of the City Kitty's friends and find out more about them over the coming weeks as content is migrated from the original publications of the Cafe Cat, and where personal musings live.
 Having previously lived in Barcelona, The City Kitty is currently based in East Kent with the intention of roaming this 'Garden of England' and neighbouring counties. If there's anyone or anything she ought to know, please do not hesitate to make contact via email, twitter or carrier pigeon, if you so wish.
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The City Kitty would like to express her thanks to the lovely ladies at Red Gate Arts for designing her blog banner, with which she is totally enamored. Thanks girls!

Stay tuned, there is plenty to come.

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