January 07, 2014

An Introduction to JING Tea

While we like to think of tea as a British thing, the real origins are far from our times and our shore. 
The history of tea is one of complexity and is culturally-gnarled; the modern day tea ceremony is diverse and as a result, its origin and purity has charmingly muddied over time.

We take ours with milk and sometimes sugar, in France often with a slice of lemon or perhaps a teaspoonful of honey and in India, served with spices. Each country has its own methods, each integral to our lifestyle, to our identity and to our everyday: to take tea is a very personal ritual. 
Luxury UK Tea
JING tea takes this ritual really rather seriously and is committed to providing tea at its culturally cleanest and most luxurious- recalling ancient elements of Asia to redefine our contemporary notions.

Founded by Edward Eisler in 2004, Jing sources Asia's finest teas, acquiring extensive knowledge as they hand pick each and every leaf with care and dedication to the very best quality. Detail is key, with shrewd attention paid to process, season, influence of the landscape and weather- all resulting in utterly unique and stunning examples of flavour. 

"Eisler enthuses about terroir- the distinct geographic characteristics of each plantation and its influence on types of tea".
Jing Tea - the UK's leading luxury tea company

Jing Glass Teapot

Infusing tea

The UK's leading luxury tea
Using only the purest of water, at just the right temperature (not boiling for this scalds and embitters the leaf which is commonly the reason why a lot of people don't find green tea to their taste), tea is infused for three minutes before being served, giving a good amount of time to steep.

JING teas are at once subtle, but with depth and layers of flavour, as they are expensive but incredibly well-worth the price for connoisseurs or for those looking for a special gift- such is their unique and luxurious taste.

You'll find JING tea is also stocked in only 5* establishments and is available exclusively for purchase online, with a beautiful array of teaware.

While I'm more of a coffee-girl, Jing Tea is an incomparable drinking experience and one that must be tried, if given the opportunity.

This post was inspired by a Jing Tea Masterclass that I was fortunate enough to attend at the Paramount, Soho in December. We were educated on the different teas ranging from white, to green, to the UK's finest example of black tea: Wild Wuji Gold  which is '...this year’s most sought after black tea amongst the tea connoisseurs of Beijing and Shanghai.'

Thanks Jing! 

January 05, 2014

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December 30, 2013

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