March 18, 2013

A Cat's Life #2

WOAH. I've officially been back in the country now for six whole months. 
If I had to describe how they had gone, all I can say is that it's been like an emotional loose cannon, smashing the shit out of ships and what not. The highs and low have come fast and furiously. If I could measure things on a Richter scale, it would make a gloriously giddy picture. 

I'll go into the finer details of that later. In the meantime, let's take a look at pictures from the week.
As usual, I've been in, out and about... a bit like that dastardly 'Sun' character who has mostly been hiding from us.

Here he was lingering for a while on one of the King's Mile's prettiest shops.
On the days that he decided to stay under weepy, cloudy covers, my friends and I had to scuttle indoors.
We especially delighted in these mini installations at the Beaney Institute, Canterbury. 

One pal in particular felt bold enough to brave the wet and so we ventured to Badgers Hill Farm for cosy glasshouse tea times and then took a merry jaunt through the old cemetery and up to Chilham Church, where there wasn't even a mouse stirring. 
In the village, we said hello to this wooden gentleman.
Hi there!
And to further warm our cockles, we slipped into the White Horse pub for fireside chit chat.
As the only lady on the premises, I felt it apt to partake in a dainty glass (or two) of rosy port.
Subsequently, Sunday then resulted in catching up with my bestie, Buddy who refused to leave my bed for a very long while, as did I.
Oh! And I almost forgot Friday... Where I attended a very delightful afternoon with these ladies here. More to come on the City Kitty later today. Keep your paws to the plank!

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