March 24, 2013

Calico Cat Craft Fair Chilham

Sunday has to be my favourite day of the week. If you pay attention, there's always something happening. Be it the boot fair, a roast dinner at the pub or pizza in your pjs with pals, Sundays have always been about people, friends and food for me. 
When I received a little message via Facebook inviting me to Chilham Village Hall for a craft fair and cup of tea, I could hardly say no. Craft fairs are common practise at the village hall but on this occasion, it was commandeered for the very first time by the Calico Cat, a Kentish-based events organiser. 

(Click on the cat below to go to the Facebook page)

This afternoon, I packed Victoria into the car again after we'd cooked up a big breakfast and we set off down the road to investigate further.
Hi Victoria!
 The hall was brimming and buzzing with conversation and warm with bustling bodies- a welcome respite from the bitter cold outdoors. 
We were impressed with the array of things, all direct from the crafty hands of Kentish folk. By clicking on the pictures, you can go straight to the websites, like Polka Dot Shirley below, who whips up the prettiest things like greeting cards, notebooks and neckerchiefs for dogs. We placed an order for Bruce in red. Lucky Bruce. 
 I spent the bulk of my pennies on incredible fudge from Steve Timms aka The Fudge Man below. He uses only sugar, butter and milk for his recipe, lending it a crumbly texture and traditional flavour. We agreed that a lot of fudge these days is just far too tacky, chewy and ultimately undesirable. He most certainly converted Victoria, who's had a lifelong hatred of the stuff. We'll be tucked up by the fire tonight enjoying our purchases- a nutty peanut and a delicious ginger choice.
 We spent a while making small talk with Kirsty from Me Plus Molly. She makes the cutest pom pom garlands and bird buttons. Her website is beautifully put together. Don't forget to click the photo to go see!
In a time where we're all feeling the pinch, it really is wonderful so see so many individuals carving out their own small businesses. 
 The village hall is a great meeting place and so wonderfully quaint. It's always full of characters...
 Like these two gents who stole my heart with their tea-making double act. They were real jokers and a total hoot!
We enjoyed a good giggle and chatter over tea and shared ideas about things that we too wanted to craft to make the cottage more homely. I tried my best to buy a little something from everyone and show my support but the loveliest thing about craft fairs are the ideas you take away and the small exchanges you make with new people.
Luckily we bumped into the Calico Cat herself and discussed crafting and information about her up-and-coming sewing courses that she runs on Saturday mornings. Expect to see an interview here shortly. In the meantime, check out my loot...
Be sure to follow the Calico Cat on Facebook for her upcoming shenanigans. There are lots of Kentish crafters out there bursting with great things for gifts and no nicer way to spend an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon. 

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